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Saturday, October 27, 2012

1940's Infographic ...mildly sexist

I found a bunch of consumer information pamphlets that were likely from the 40's and 50's and now some are pure comedy. I'll start with this one which at first seems sexist by today's standards, but in the 40's, well, who else was going to do all the housework when Johnny's marched off to war?



Dad may war from shore to shore, but mother's work is a 7-day chore.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Old Currency...Real? Fake? or just real fake.

It isn't easy to know what to do when you open a book and find several old bills tucke din between the pages. There are enough questions of origin (how did they get there) bfore you can ask or answer the important question - Real or Fake?

The image doesn't do it justice...it looks old, it "feels" old and there are several moth-eaten holes. There's even a stain and fade marks...but there are also problems.  The ink color and the hand written issue number are all the same color. Printer's ink being different from pen ink would have them age differently. Contrary to popular belief everything wasn't printed on parchment before 1899. Take a look at these next 2 and see if you can spot the fake from the real one.

When you have them side by side it is pretty obvious. The ink on the top seems impossibly fake from the markings on the bottom, which feature 3 different colors. The real one on the bottom is actually 2-3 years older. Look at these other samples: some real some not so much...

Despite the shilling notes being fake they are supposed to be authentic and that merits a second glance. Here is the envelope they came in. 
I just noticed that the era of the fake bills doesn't match the range on the envelope, maybe some of those fakes are real?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Album Covers - The Devil made me post this...

I was at  a sale yesterday and I always keep a camera with me just incase there's something I want to post without having to buy.  When it comes to fending off the fear of becoming a hoarder - photos can be a real space saver.
The Hollywood Playboys,devil,album cover
If you want more of this, my friend Gilligan over at Retrospace has a great selection. Stop by and see his collection(s).

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Roll your own - Old Panoramic Post Card of Danbury Connecticut

I need help here.... Is this a period picture card or a reproduction done for a anniversary celebration? There are many ways to date a card, and one of the best ways is by the price block, but I can't match this one to any I have found. A 1-cent card could have been produced between 1872 and 1952.
Danbury Panoramic Post Card
 I really like that if you want to write on the card, the price doubles!
Danbury Panoramic Post Card back
 "This card can be rolled in mailing instead of folded" How was that going to work? Could this be another indication of the its age?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beware of Traveling Salesmen...save your virtue!

This is a classic motel postcard that I have posted before thanks to the great image of Alfred E Neuman. What I overlooked was the great note on the back.
Alfred E Neuman, 1957, postcard

Motel Postcard, traveling salesmen,1957
 Here's the text:
"Dear Joan -
Watch out for these guys in Motels - all they want to do is make you. I know. First, they invite you out, get you tired out from swimming and sun, take you back to their room and then you're at their mercy. Terrible lot - especially traveling salesmen! huff, Buni (Beni?)"

Classic advice from the road.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guess the Bathing Beauty

I'll start with a hint.  This magazine is from 1945 and the cover girl is a stunner. But who?
Leave your guess in the comments....

For more images and the official solution - click "READ MORE"

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More from Candlewood Lake - The Brochures

 I seem to be getting a lot of hits on this post.  If you are stopping by today, can you leave a note in the comments where you found the link that brought you here?

If you are interested in Candlewood Lake, local history, or just odd things you find when you dig in a basement or attic...look around - there's lots to see.

If I begged you not to through out even what might seem like the most inane piece of old paper would you do it? Or, would you at least set it aside in a box for me to pick up?  These items were on their way to the dumpster. I headed them off thanks to nothing more than my freakish curiosity.
 I lived right down the road from Birch Groves in New Milford and I have friends who live there now.
Candlewood Isle like Birch Groves is still charming and retains all the reasons someone holding this brochure 80 years ago would be tempted to buy on the spot.

I lived in the Candlewood Lake Club for several years, also a nice place with a lot of amenities and some friends who make it seem even more tempting to move there.

This one below is what makes this a gem. clicking on it may reveal the text that says "Your kids with be able to hang out with the "Right Sort"....classic!

Dear Larry, Welcome to the friend zone

I'm not exactly sure what's going on here but I can tell Carol isn't happy. But Larry, the addressee isn't the one she's mad at...in fact there may be romance brewing. You tell me.

 These notes were found in a box lot of papers folded up in a wallet. Why were these kept? Maybe a romance that never took flight or maybe one of those memories you hold on to hoping it will all make sense some day.
Dear Larry
She's waiting patiently, Larry. That's not a hint to do the same. Make your move.
These letters were approximately from the mid 1960's and if any of the players see themselves in these letters please let me know how it all turned out.