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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LSD - Saves You Money! Fun British Ads

Who says LSD can't be good clean fun? I like how when you make a vague drug reference and attach it to a  model - How easily the model begins to look drug-crazed. 
 OK, so this is post-post war England, but ...Minor Wounds!?  Get that kid to a trauma center STAT!
  This is a double! (Click to enlarge) First, I love the unnecessary extra redundant "S" to show possession. Maybe that's how the Irish do it? Second, The subtext that refers to this as the best non-alcoholic drink like e-ver! And then flips to say, "Aw heck, a little whiskey wouldn't hurt?" Just keep it on the down low. I suppose adding the whiskey is how the extra "S" gets added on "Hick!"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Embarassing Babies? Send them to the Hand cause the ears don't want to hear it!

I just can't get enough of poorly designed, over-the-top ads, whose only intention was to be so ridiculous it would attract the attention of any page-turner to glance over and see what the fuss was. There are many better examples than this, but it is the depiction of these four disgusted adults who look more abhorrent that the poor sad baby.
Really, who wants to have a crying baby. They wake the neighbors, cause looks of disdain and get you  kicked out of the bridge club on tuesdays...really!  But wait! Dr Hand has the answer!
Apply it every day? As often as needed? "till teething is over? This kid is going to need his own wing at the Betty Ford Center. What is in this stuff? Well, at least it won't spoil his mouth or cause crooked teeth like those horrible teething rings? Maybe this doctor's quacking will stop the baby from crying.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ad Quiz #15 - Solution - Dad's a junk food junkie

There a really good social commentary song that I found through the old "Dr Demento Show."  Who is Dr Demento?  Well, back when Radio was fun. No, not the 30's & 40's when Little Orphan Annie was trying to sell you Oval-tine. I'm dating myself and talking about the  70's  (respect to you gentle reader and whatever era was your favorite) when radio was owned by more than 2 companies and a few non-profits.  It wasn't perfect, but they tried a lot harder to entertain with syndicated series and fewer computer-generated playlists. But let's get to the solution, and then I will reward you with a great comedy song.
Yup, slice up some dextrose and bake it into cookies and you have yourself a genuine "Steppford Husband."
It might actually not be a bad, though expensive, ingredient but now I sound like I've "sipped the Kool-aid" with a batch of dextrose-laced cookies. This cookie would definitely qualify you as an official "Junk food Junkie." 

I have heard that The Twinkie has been asked to walk the green mile. It is amazing how this song, which was written in the 70's makes reference to products that are still around today.   

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stanley is soooo Steamed!

I know it's killing you...what is the answer to AD Quiz #15!!! Well, while you're thinking of an answer take a look at this box of dry plate glass negatives. 
This has to be about 100 years old because it was around 1904 that the Stanley brothers sold their dry plate photographic negative business to Kodak. This was so they could focus on their main passion:
Francis and Freelan Stanley (twins) were born in 1849 and sold their first car in 1897. They lasted into the late 'teens finally succumbing to the "internal explosion engine" which could be made and sold for less money. Steam powered cars, theirs especially, set and held speed records and many other firsts for almost 15 years. The idea of a steam boiler on a car sounds dangerous, but their design was safe and no injury was ever reported from over heating.

Ad Quiz solution is coming!  Submit your guess before the cookie-monster in the apron gets you!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ad Quiz #15 - Dad? ANYTHING?....... O RLY?

You know...that word...anything...There's a lot of open territory in that word. Dad looks a little over-anxious and may have over-bid on his desire for cookies. It is a great piece of art designed to further the manufacture of this product. Can you guess what it is?

If you guess correctly, I promise I will do anything.......within reason.

Solution coming soon.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Danbury News 1861 - Would you store a Hippo in Hippodrome?

Every so often I have a "lucky" find. Right place right time. I have entered that same phrase into Google maps hoping to get directions but so far all I get back is: turn right at lady luck, then left to fortunate.
I must have tried those directions one day because upon request for old paper at a tag sale I was presented with this:
September 12th 1861. I know there are sites I can search that will give me any paper in America, but it is so much more fun hold the actual decaying fibers in your hand. There is plenty in here to enjoy, the old ads, opinions of McClellan as a leader of the Union army, and a letter from troops on the march. From a local History standpoint it was this that caught my eye:
It a good read right down to the description of the crowds' utterances.

Here are some of the ads common for the time, but the one up top is my favorite
It certainly is fun to lucky, at least once in a while.