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Saturday, May 27, 2017

I would rather be right than be President! What a Coincidence!

Or, if you read this blog beginning to end (I dare ya!) you may say: "What, a coincidence...again!?"
When you search for those odd bits lost in the crevasses of the past, you are bound to uncover items that reveal an odd coincidence.  watch a few seconds of this video reveal:

The pile of papers came from the estate sale of a family that was benevolent and generous to sell them to me. In fact, they were glad to give them to someone who would appreciate them, and O I do.

Among numerous tax bill receipts paid in the 19th century to the State of Ohio there was one letter that stood out. As you see in the video it was one of those letters were the envelope is the letter. (Scan coming soon) It didn't say much except that "Here is a copy of you policy - Whitman Mead." Inside was a campaign ribbon like I have never seen..

This silk ribbon espouses the benefit of joining the fight for the Whig Party candidate for president: Henry Clay.  In these times when we are so divided over the issues it was amazing for me to look up something about Henry Clay candidate. I learned that the most pressing issue of his campaign was whether or not Texas should be allowed to join the union.  Why? Well with all that land they would be a greater need for slaves...thus jacking up the price! Wow, just wow.

The coincidence? Well, here is a look at the envelope, but what you can't see is the date.

I purchased these papers on April 22nd. As I opened this one up and was amazed to find that it was dated April 22, 1844.  To open a gem such as this on its 173rd birthday was truly cause for celebration.

Friday, May 19, 2017

1915 report card from Chagrin Falls Ohio

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This 1915 report card from Chagrin Falls Ohio lead me down a rabbit hole as most of my discoveries do. Little known facts about this town: home (at some point) to Tom Conway, Doug Kenny cowriter of Animal House and Caddy Shack. And Sam Watterson creator of Calvin and Hobbs. The town of 4000 today was named for the falls on the Chagrin River that flows through it.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Here's How - a 1941 compendium of potent potables.

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Here's How - a 1941 compendium of potent potables. I couldn't turn away from a find like this. A book with wooden boards and brass hinges filled with awesome doodles from an illustrator named Tad Shell. So many cocktails. .. so little time.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017