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Friday, August 30, 2019

Digging Deep in Westport CT and I think I reached Outer Space

#NASA #spaceexploration #collectible #ushistory #deepdigs #urbanarcheology #dancingdogestatesales #foundastory #estatesalefinds #hiddenhistory
Being an Urban Archeologist you have to keep digging with the knowledge that history may be hidden anywhere. The former home of the head of the FAA under Reagan ‘81 - ‘84 was also very involved in the Apollo program holding various management and executive positions with Bendiz Corporation - they developed the Lunar Rover -coolest SUV not in this world. These patches are some of the things I uncovered in a very challenging attic.  Thanks to Lee at Dancing Dog Estate Sales for allowing me to dig for history.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Matchbook Monday! Brought you by Slack-ees!

#matchbook #matchbookmonday #collectibles #underwear #humor #fashion #foundation #vintageundergarments #foundastory #urbanarcheology
Matchbook Monday! Brought you by Slack-ees! Which was brought to me by my friend Nick.  This matchbook, which claims to be the original and most practical thing for the woman of today and tomorrow is actually the most entertaining thing for matchbook Monday ...until next Monday.

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Monday, August 26, 2019

You can find American history by just driving down the street...

#history #antiquedocuments #ushistory #connecticuthistory #1760 #colonialhistory #hiddenhistory #foundastory #urbanarcheology #estatesalefinds
If you didn’t think it was possible to find American history by just driving down the street... Take a closer look. It's ironic that this actually predates the United States. in 1760, Connecticut was still a colony and the most important part of legalizing a deed was that space at the bottom where the current English monarch needed to be written in. As much as I covet this document my ownership will only be temporary. My plan is to donate it to the town of Redding as there is a long History of this family there. You can also see it at one of my next live presentations.

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Tag sale sounds- Traffic Classic

#music #cassettetapes #traffic #steviewinwood #foundastory #urbanarcheology #vintagemusic
Tag sale sounds- I can’t decide what I like more- the music or the case I found it in. This is the only Traffic to be in this weekend.

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Hidden Treasure! Look in your Drawers People!

#hiddentreasure #estatesalefinds #ridgefieldct #discovery #jewelry #gold #hidingplaces #foundastory #urbanarcheology
I have many friends who run estate sales. When they see me walk up they are quick to assess what they remember about me and what I look for - as good business owners, they do this with all their regulars. I’m more of a challenge because I’m looking for hidden treasure. “There’s nothing here for you at this one.” Lee, owner of Dancing Dog Estate Sales said sympathetically. This only charges up my resolve as I feel she’s thrown the gauntlet down and now I am up for a challenge. As you can see from the image I found a favorite hiding place for treasure. Usually it’s old papers squished behind a wardrobe drawer. This time? Jewelry! I asked Lee to come over and her staff followed. The heavily tarnished gold ring was accompanied by a pair of cuff links and a gold Lutheran pin. My favorite phrase to hear as I said goodbye was “I’ll let the owner know what you found.” The owner had an interesting history in TV production as the producer of the Phil Donahue show. There’s cool stories hiding everywhere!

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