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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vintage Animation Uncovered - Robert Tinfo

I was searching for treasure at an Estate Sale in Danbury, CT and came across some old video tapes that were the reels of animation work of Robert Tinfo. Who was he and where did he work? When did he start and when did he end his career? By the clips I have found his work was prolific and popular, but I can't find anything about him. Watch the clips and you will see what I mean.
Muscular Dystrophy Ads
This was a generic channel ID, but no indication which Channel 5.
This piece for Gruman "Catware" is priceless.

A few more clips, demonstrations, and a commercial for Panther Lightbulbs

Who remembers the Grunt family of artists? anyone? A classic promo!

I was lucky to find this reel of Robert Tinfo's work. I am still amazed at his anonymity, and some day I hope to find the answer, though I fear I may not like it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

High School Fight Song and Secret Plays

I found this gem at a Norwalk, CT estate sale and I would really like to know its age. This was likely a cheat sheet carried by a member of the Darien HS football player during a clash with the Red Raiders. Derby HS football team is called the Red Raiders but I can't find a history of these 2 teams playing each other.  Here is the fight song:
 On the back are 4 formations with the "red Raider" name written below.  Was someone spying and handing the X,Y,Z, and super-secret "J" play over to the home team?
I hope someone can fill in the blanks here. I wish I went to Darien High School in the 50's or 60's...sounded like a real party place. Or, maybe it was all just talk?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Other Peoples Mail - Any stationery you can find

I found this at a Bridgewater, CT sale, I think I bought it because it borders on folk art. Almost unreadable as a letter, the author was clearly lacking proper stationary and used the only thing he had...the nearly white cover of a magazine. I can't imagine the recipient's reaction to this, unless it was a spouse who could decipher form practice, maybe. I could only glean a few salient points (excerpted below). I have tried to expand the paper in case you might want to try and translate it. However, I don't think it was that important.
The Outlook Magazine, 1927, used as stationery

In 1927, travel by rail was still very common. Roads were unraveling like spools of ribbon across America as more and more people found four-wheel travel more liberating. This would begin the death march for many common rail lines, but if you were going from New York to Albany or points north or west, there was nothing more regular and presumably safer than the train.
"The river above Peekskill is beautiful but misty. The Lady Cliff Academy for Girls, just below Garrison - is gorgeously situated - almost too good to be true. Like a castle on the Rheine - only Catholic."

If you tried, I hope you were able to make more sense than I was - readbale or not, I still think this time piece is a work of art.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gadgetology 101 - A Sight for sore eyes?

I am thankful for the little things...that I find at estate, tag, garage sales and only cost a dollar. The things that mystify me and get to go home with me so I can ogle it and solve the nagging question: What the heck is (or was) it?  Case in point:

It is possibly a gun sight alignment tool about 5.5 inches long, yet it has nothing to affix itself to a rifle. The small hole above is the viewing port which came with a black cap with a pin hole in it - meaning that it can be viewed both ways. 
The manufacturer is Berger, and the unit has 2 float levels one on top and one that is viewed against the gradations on the glass at the opposite end. You can hold it level and confirm that it is level, but why?

That's all I have. The rest is up to you to solve, for which i would be most grateful. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Four vintage gun ads you've never seen before

It takes some kind of strategy to compare a gun with a baby, but I suppose if you can do it successfully you're set for life - if you can't -No one will ever remember you anyway.
New Baby revolver

A real gun

Ithaca guns
These are all from an edition of "Hunter, Trader, Trapper" from 1914. There was no cover, but no matter, the content made up for that.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gadgetology 101 - Take a shot at this one (SOLVED)

These were found at a sale with a definite hunting motif ...They are gun cleaning rods.
Did you guess correctly, or did I need to provide more angles?  I thought they were unique, and for $5 dollars I thought they were worth taking and seeing if I could repurpose or wrap as a gift for a friend.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fleeing through the flea market

When there are few sales, or just no "digs," I can usually rely on The Elephant's Trunk flea market in New Milford, CT. I rarely by anything there, but it is fun to look around. I always bring the camera and this time I decided to make a video. It's only 1:20 - won't even put a dent in your attention span.

The credits are shaky thanks to YouTube's offer to stabilize it. I didn't buy anything, but I did "find" something. You'll have to check back for that post...I hope you will.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1957 First Aid Booklet...could be your last.

Once upon a time we were so smart. We knew exactly what to do for every situation...and then something changed and now that information makes no sense - what-so-ever.  This was from a pack of consumer information guides and stood out because of the illustrations and seriously dated medical procedures...
1957 First Aid Booklet1957 First Aid Booklet

I had to add balloons to some of these...
1957 First Aid Booklet inside cover
This one below is my favorite: The dispensing of Brandy for a heart attack has to have been updated since 1957 right? Otherwise I would think lots of of stressed males would be having heart attacks around happy hour...or maybe when it's about time to take out the trash. 

You'll need to click on these (especially this one) to get the full effect. Below are a list of poisons and the antidote. In most cases I recognize neither the poison nor the cure.

Taking the Pain out of Campaign Advertising

Like everyone else I am glad the election is over - mostly because the ads are over too. But maybe you can handle one more....from 1973.
1973 Campaign Ad

Because politics is as much about who we are and what we do - it isn't uncommon for me to find old pictures of people being Republican or Democrat and being proud. 
1973 Campaign Ad
 When I’m digging, picking or dumpster-diving I have no agenda, no political affiliations. I do, however, believe in the right to find things, take pictures of them and tell and re-tell the story of what it is and how I found it.
 Finding campaign memorabilia is just as good as all the other things I find. It’s a snapshot or milestone of local history, and if I’m lucky enough - national history.
My favorite piece is the last image of the Republic Club of Danbury performing the musical “HMS Pinafore” at the Empress Theater in 1921. This Danbury, CT building was built around 1850 and was known as the Princess Theater until it was converted to show movies and became the Empress. It’s still an entertainment venue today though it had been reduced in size from what is pictured here.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Games People Don't Play...anymore

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, there were almost no sales to dig through. I did find one Estate sale  in Roxbury, actually a "repeat."  Through no fault of the estate sale service there is sometimes more items for sale that can be handled in one weekend. I didn't buy anything, but I did find a few things worth photographing.

with as much volatility and alleged and actual corruption - a game like this from 1955 comes across as funny. "2 to six players of any age"  ANY!?  I think I found why there is so much trouble with today's economy....not that the stock market has anything to do with that. I wonder when they'll be coming out with "Hedge Fund - The Game!"
 Maybe this family has just played "The Stock Market" which is why they're "Bent Outta Shape." I snapped this shot because I am sure the cover art was done by one of the veterans of MAD magazine. They do like like they're hopped up on goof balls. Not much on the internet about this except a few versions for sale.  This one is from 1984.

I wished I'd looked to see the date of this, but judging by the graphics my guess would be mid-1940s. Although I'm not a cynic I love the fact that "Sorry" is over "Life." However, it turns out that they still do make this game.

Finally I will leave you with a little magic.
Not a game, but contains and element of play, unless of course junior decides to take up the black arts. I really like the mix of languages on the cover although "super" may be the same in may languages. If you can see the bottom edge on the box you will see the Canary Islands and the home of the company that sells this.