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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Guess the Gadget! (with video)

I drove to North Salem, NY a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning that started with some simple flurries. The owner was moving south and had been in TV production. This piqued my curiosity and led me there in the hopes of finding something cool.

 I didn’t, though, and after looking for too long I found the snow had been falling hard and the roads were covered. Looking over items a second time my hands fell on this.
Compact travel lamp

 I think what grabbed me was the design. A small reading lamp tucked in a space smaller that a coffee can. 

Leather bound and sporting a 4 ft. cord that is revealed and concealed by spinning the lamp base. 

I felt this needed a video demonstration (just over a minute long)

 What it is missing is any and all documentation or record of who made it, when and why. The only label is in silver across the top: “Hi Intensity Executive and Travel Lamp.” Likely a gift for the traveling executive or person that aspires to be an executive – that can’t find a decent motel with a desk lamp? Or maybe a train traveler who has an outlet in his Pullman suite (did they have those?)

The only successful search I did led me to this exact lamp on an Etsy site. The description was too thin to trust and the item had been sold. The store-owner has not answered my email. If you want to pick up the baton and run with it, I would be happy to credit you in finding the conclusion to this story.   

Thursday, January 16, 2014

WWII Advertising - Blazing guns and the modern era (1940s)

Between the design and color, these ads are almost animated. Visual dynamite for the casual reader of Life or the Saturday Evening Post. How could you not feel good about what was going on "Over There?"

Mercury Marauder: Search for plunder in style!

marauder (plural marauders). Someone who moves about in roving fashion looking for plunder. This was the 1st generation of the Marauder Name and was similar to the ford Galaxie. It has some early NASCAR chops, so I won't tease them about the name, but still I wander if this might have been a difficult car for the meek to own?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Creepy Ad from Boys Life 1944

"If dad was having more fun, he'd stop kicking the crap out of junior!" - Or so the ad implies.
If dad is prone to violent outbursts...maybe darts aren't such a good idea.

Monday, January 13, 2014

In 1943, This is how a woman fights!

These ads come from Good Housekeeping 1943. I like the promotion of the conversion of product manufacturers from household goods to wartime machinery. In this ad they seem to be preaching to women that their fight is not overseas, it is within their own materialistic desires. They must overcome the need for that new fridge until the war is over, and oh, buy more bonds. 
I wrote about a history of the Nash company here. Funny to see it pop up again with a much different look. 

 You've heard of Rosie the Riveter? Well, here's Wendy the welder. This would be much better if they just heralded her important work and not the brand she smokes, oh, and buy more bonds.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thesaurus Emergency: Throats Are Not Sexy!

It's advertising like this that makes me often wonder why I didn't go into this field. Some of these leave me saying, "I definitely could have done this better."  Let's take our French friend Louis Philippe and his line of make-up. Couldn't someone have whispered to him that there has to be a better way to describe this part of a woman's body. "Naw!, It's a throat, then call it a throat! and while we're at it let's cover the throat with a film."  

I would have gone with Neck, but what do I know about make-up? Maybe it does leave a film over the skin, but I would have picked a better word. This came from a 1944 Life Magazine and this wasn't the only gem.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Found Photos: 2 men outstanding in their field...(1941)

 I wish I knew the story behind this one
Dr Livingstone? I presume? The back at least give the year.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Doctor's Say Drink More Beer! (1904)

Fuzzy logic from a beer bottler, however, I am inclined to agree.
I have always believed that beer is truly "Liquid Bread,"  but that may only be true of the 100 of craft breweries popping up all over. As for the corporate giants? I would say it's more like liquid Wonder Bread.

I have another great story about beer - Read it Here!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby Freak out, Pug Nose Prom Queen, Drudgery-Dodgers and other odd ads from 1940

Advertising from the mid 20th century is one of my favorite topics. It is so easy to take them out of context. Sometimes a little Photoshop is necessary and sometimes they don't need any help at all.
1940 odd advertising
 I love the baby justified in her freak out at the spooky girl crossed with a phone - clearly a product from the Isle of Dr. Moreau.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

1944 When Health Insurance Was So Simple, So Cheap

I have no political bent regarding ObamaCare, oh wait, I do. The cost of health care is rediculous (misspelling intended - we're in the Red, people!)  My hope for reform was that the profits made by the companies that "manage" care for millions and design and dispense medicine and all the other healthcare related businesses would surrender profits or be regulated into a reasonable pricing structure, which would make healthcare globally affordable. If that is one of the goals of ObamaCare, we seem to be taking the long-way-round to get there. That is only my opinion - I could be wrong.  Today's post starts really with a letter to an employee at a hospital about changes coming in their level of care. It's good news.
The next images are the rest of the brochure pages explaining the cost and coverage. Having had to renew my coverage with my employer, I have to say that while I am happy to have coverage, I would have been happier to have it explained so simply. 

I'll admit that a rosy as this sounds, the quality of care and the technology is likely incomparable with today's standards, but still, this seems so much better.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

High School Football Highlights 1973

I know that not every post is going to mean something to everyone, and I know some posts aren't going to mean anything to anyone, but that isn't for me to decide. This is a football program I found a year or 2 back and thought it would make a good seasonal piece.
  I love the graphic illustrations representing both teams, especially New Canaan. So what if it's a football program? You can sell any sport you want in these pages.
Bob probably knew the hockey season was coming and just wanted to push his hockey center.

If you remember any of these players or were one yourself, you need to click on the image for something readable - or contact me and I'll send you a higher resolution copy.

More good local ads from businesses that have either changed hands, names or moved on. 
This last page is my favorite for its likely illegal use of the term "Super Bowl" and the expectation that Santa would be arriving in a helicopter. I hope no one was planning to drop him from it - "as God as my witness, I though Santas could fly!"