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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

So, JP Morgan Millionaire had a niece...And the niece had a book...and here it is.

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It isn’t just the book contents that holds the readers attention, it’s the book itself as a piece of history. I bought this 1905 book and had the feeling that there was something special about it. Among the 3 previous owners the one that it think is the most interesting (at the moment) is Ursula J Morgan. At the time when this book was in her possession, her uncle JP Morgan was building a Mansion in Sloatsburg NY. She would be married on the grounds of that 54 room mansion just 2 years after signing this book. None of this is verifiable, I could have written her name on the cover. However, I think the coincidence is too great to deny she had her hands on this book if even for a short time. 

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