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Nothing to see here. Next slide please
 After successfully creating a positive copy from a glass negative I found at an estate sale, I have decided to begin offering a service to restore/preserve these  images. Any organization or individual that would like to see their old (and I mean old) glass negatives printed as they were meant to be...please email  me (videomartyr at gmail.com).
Held up to a light - Hey! There's something there!

A High quality negative is created by scanning the Glass Slide negative

Wow! The finished image could have been shot yesterday
The series of images you see above is an example of what is possible.  If you are reading this during the summer of 2011, you are catching me as begin exploring this service on a small scale. If you live in Western CT and want to connect to experiment with a few slide transfers, I will extend this service to you at no cost for a limited time offer. This is a time consuming process in which I can transfer negatives and provide a high quality digital image and/or print copy.  Act now, those old glass negatives won't last forever, and neither will this offer.