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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Got a Match? .... Don't answer that!

I don't want to spend too much time reflecting on the contents of someone's basement, but if you have one, or your parents had one, well, maybe you'll understand.

I was always fascinated by the odd things my parents kept down there. What was it all, and where did it come from?

This intrigued me growing up, and I often snooped through my parents basement storage trying to uncover the past. I liked the treasure hunt and the detective work. What would I find?

A friend, though possibly better described as an "enabler", permitted me to venture through the basement of a home he and his wife were clearing out as a favor to a family. The owners had either passed away, or been moved to a hospice and had left behind a lifetime of "stuff". The family had taken everything of value to them, and my friends offered to toss and tidy the rest in preparation for a sale.

I came with my partner; my 5-year old daughter. She has been my companion on many a "dig" and though sometimes easily bored and distracted, she usually is the one to come away with a pile of treasure.

Bridgeport, CT matchbox coverThis time we both scored. Her pile consisted of a few utensils and decorations for her play kitchen, and me, an old wooden tool box filled with odds and ends. One of the items was a match box cover/protector advertising a Bridgeport business; the age is unknown.

Vulcan Tidaholm Match boxThe matchbox was still tucked inside it, though I didn't think to remove it from the cover until a few weeks later. It was a find within a find. The box is made of wood, very delicate but the overall condition was very good and still workable, though no matches. I am still researching the age of this as well.

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