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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Republicans lose better junk!

While I did promise in an earlier post that I wouldn't favor a particular party's views within this blog. I guess I should clarify that I won't be swayed from posting my views of their forgotten stuff:
Maybe the Democrats are just better at holding on to things, or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough? My fellow bloggers, In the years to come, I will promise to provide a balanced ticket of trash, ephemera, and nostalgia in order to present to you a united nation's cast-offs, left behinds, and forgotten favorites. In the meantime, take a closer look at the stitched flag at the top of the ribbon:
I am pretty sure there were more than 13 States in 1908 (actually there were 46), but I can see why, if they had to pick a number of stars for such a small icon that they went with 13. Fortunately for Taft and Sherman, 13 turned out to be a lucky number, if they were at all superstitious. Taft won that election soundly beating William Jennings Bryan by garnering 29 States to Bryan's 17. (Thank you Wikipedia!)

I picked up this treasure at an estate sale that was one of the more interesting ones I have been to. The property had several small buildings on it and one was maybe a groundskeepers house that had a room full of built in bookshelves, yes, a library one might call it. Well, I began looking through many leather bound books amazed at their condition and age. One book I choose was a collection of Kipling's work (coincidence or not: my previous post is a parody of "IF") and tucked inside was this ribbon. The story of the owner is too strange to print here. I brought it to the attention of the person running the sale and she was so impressed with my honesty and said, "Keep it." It's hard to haggle with an offer like that.

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