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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Stalkings

When you're looking for old paper, there is no limit to the odd items waiting to be found. Xmas cards are no exception.  Kept for years maybe due to sentimental reasons, the illustrations are eye-catching. I've kept a few because the art work and colors were so vibrant, I felt as though I was tossing a masterpiece. With today's cards the cost makes you feel as though you have invested in art. I'd prefer to illustrate my own cards; the store bought ones always seemed sappy, over-priced, and forced to me. My apologies to anyone who has ever sent me a card, but I really am only interested in the personal note written inside and rarely look at the card. Here's one from the 1940's.

My first impression of this card was, "It's so cold out here and it looks so warm in there. Why won't they invite me in?" and then I realized that somebody must have come out with a line of cards for stalkers and their restraining order-toting victims.

"But since I can't (because of those little incidents where you found me outside your window at Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, most any day) and now I'm locked away!" 

Coming soon: Santa teams up with Uncle Sam!

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