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Monday, April 19, 2010

Dig Report 4/17/10

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... the Lincoln-Kennedy Penny

Well, only because someone gave it to me.  

This sale was more scary than promising, while there were an abundance of tools and a room full of books, this house was vexed.  The condition was the first indication:
The house belonged to a landscaper, but I don't know when the owner decided to stop landscaping his own property and only handle his client's yards.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but I've yet to walk in to a dig and feel comfortable announcing, "I am here from Video Martyr, to rummage and photograph and sing about what I have found on my blog!".  There probably was a good story here, but I am only allowed to ask about what I find.  I have no business digging into their lives...maybe someday.  This home was dilapidated beyond repair, at times I felt as though some of the junk in the house was what I would call load-bearing junk, and removing it might cause a wall to collapse. My partner and I made a final pass through the house and that is when I discovered Abe and Jack.

I knew it wasn't worth anything, but it was such and oddity that I had t have it.  I asked the person for a price, and she sniffed and said, "how about a penny?... you can take it."  I can't find the definitive history of this coin, but from eBay I can see that these were being sold for years, such as this sample sale item below.

Definitely a different looking Kennedy than my penny. The range in values is astounding .99 - $26.50!  Despite all the conspiracy theorists, I can see the cheese in the poor stamping quality a mile away. Back in 1974 if you were in Spokane you were bombarded with offers to buy this special 1 million-of-a-kind collectors item.
I think the only real coincidence was that I wasn't looking for this item, but I found it anyway. Strange!

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