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Monday, May 31, 2010

Dig Report: May 29th, 2010 - The Road not not Taken

If you know me, then you know that there's only one reason why I'm headed down a driveway that looks like this. That reason could be:
  • A) "Deliverance" was my favorite movie. (No, but the book is one fast, exciting read and Ned Beatty's ass is no where near it.)
  • B) "The Long and Winding Road" is my favorite Beatles song. (Nope. Abbey Road - Side 2) 
  • C) I saw this on the side of the road:
If you answered C (without out looking at the parenthesis), then you know me.  However, both "A" and "B" did come to mind (especially "A") as the image only shows a third of the actual length of the road.  While expecting to find a selection of rusty cars and cracked claw-foot tubs, I was mildly relieved when the final turn revealed a simple cinder-block construction ranch, which was deceivingly small on the outside yet large and somewhat odd on the inside.  The lot was obviously chosen for the view 3/4s up Second Hill in New Milford CT, or maybe it was a hideout for an eccentric. The interior was made up of a large number of tiny rooms, all furnished to appear like little living rooms, and a couple of bedrooms.  The furniture didn't match the house , which gave it a theater-set quality. The owner was a man not native to this country who said only that the house had to be cleared by the end of the week.  The only thing I found of interest were several computers (2 desk top and 2 laptops) which were not for sale.  My photographer, whom I usually leave out of the photos I take (when she lets me have the camera) found something that was fortunately easy to say "No." to:

Actually, I would have like that as well, but at $700 it was easy to say "No." to my other child - the inner one.

Coming Soon! Post #100!!!  One of my greatest finds ever! (Well, I think it's great.)

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