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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Medical Examination Continues...

Well, there's a good chance I may just write something about what ever I find in the box of medical equipment. I was lucky enough to discover this a few weeks ago (read this post first).  If you were wondering what the odd item I asked about previously was, guess no more.  My lone lone commenter Dave S hit it right on the head.  It was a set of cork borers.  Yes it was the bore-ing part of the box, but it looked like it could be more interesting. Anyway, if you Google cork borers you will find that they can still be purchased from laboratory supply companies.  Apparently, in the early or mid part of the 20th century, no scientist (mad or otherwise) should be without a set.

I am keeping the box and its content near my furnace, which may be helping the musty odor.  These items were clearly left in a damp place for many years.  This next item has to be a surgical kit...maybe, and was in the worst shape. It wanted to fall apart as I opened it.
It is a small kit and folds up neatly with a snap. There are loops for each tool and another pouch for sharp or pointed instruments (note the "corked" area at the top).  There is a single wallet section underneath (empty-darn!) and only the following tools as a clue as to exactly what its true purpose was.
Three forceps, 2 of which are locking), one tweezers, and three tools I can't place, None of them are sharp and nothing has any markings on it. Would you care to take a guess? There probably was a blade in the kit, but the absence of one makes me think it could have been dental and not medical. I have already searched for a similar kit in numerous web collections and a few 19th century books on medicine.  I am going to have to let someone else discover this mystery, while I go back to the box for another treasure. 

Coming Soon!

 The early Otoscope.  No home should be without one.

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