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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Coke!.....Radio!... or....things that aren't what they say they are.

As you may have seen in my last post (and in numerous others) I like the odd ways in which brands are attached to items. Whether it was for the strict purpose of promotion, or possibly as parting gifts for retirees,  someone thought they might be big sellers.
Nothing to see here, just your everyday average bottle of Coke.  But at night ah-ha! at night it turns into:
That's right some weird version of Coke's nemesis: the Coke-Borg!  Naw! Actually as the title of this post has already revealed it is a radio...A.M. flavored.  I actually purchased one of these for next to nothing years ago and, Yes. It actually worked.  How do you tune in your favorite station in AM obscurity?

You spin the bottle! The radio's on/off switch was cleverly concealed in the bottle cap. I was hoping I had a rare gem here, unfortunately, there is at least a couple of cases of these radios, on Ebay some still in the original box. I wanted to write about it because after AVA's soccer game we hit a few sales. There wasn't much out there until we came to a sale with some odd things in a random box of junk and sitting in the bottom of it was another one of these. I wasn't holding it for more that 10 seconds before one of the ladies running the yard sale said, "You can have it!"  I might just get in touch with the corporate office and suggest that as their next tag line.

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