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Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh Schlitz! We're out of Beer!

Schlitz Beer ad
I love this ad. The boys on Madison avenue must have felt they drew the short straw on this one: "Alright people we've got to get this beer in the hands of the women of distiction! Who can give me a sentence these two fine ladies would say when ordering our client's product?......Anyone?......Anyone?   Aww! Come on! It's easy. Look, I'll go first, Hey Betty, You wanna share a Schlitz with me?  See? I got another: Oh Sue! Who says we can't split a Schlitz?  Now, was that so difficult?" 

Makes it easy to see why they were called Mad Men.  So, in the absence of giving them something to say, they compared the beer quality to high fashion: Flavor in Schlitz is like style in a Worth frock.

Un-frock-ing believable! 

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