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Saturday, August 6, 2011

That's One Smokin' Hookah You Got There!

This post could have been titled: "Smoking in Bed Fail" but I'm getting tired of adding the word "Fail" to everything that is considered a bad idea. I say let the bad ideas stand on their own, no need to point out the obvious. We're not stupid. Oh wait. Some of us have to be stupid or we wouldn't have bad ideas?  Uh Oh! Cyclical illogic-alert! Please enjoy these next few 60+ year-old ads.
So much good foolishness to point out in this add from a 1949 NY Herald-Tribune aside from the obvious. Even as early as the 1940's robots were entering our homes and in the guise of making our lives easier, were nefariously burning our houses down in the middle of the night! I think they also sold a companion product which allowed gun owners to sleep safely with a string tied between their fingertip and the trigger several feet away. You could still protect your house without shooting your self in your pajamas.
I've seen lighthouse beams that weren't this bright, augh! She could wake the dead with that light!

Sorry, but her head is still tilted. Five minute nap or 30, she is going to have a stiff neck. These things are a chiropractor's dream.

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  1. I think that pillow wannabe is still around. I've seen them for sale in travel shops at airports and at toll road service plazas around the east. They're inflatable now.
    (In a half-century of traveling, I've NEVER seen one in actual use LOL)


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