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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ad Quiz #13 SOLUTION - "Just ask Acetylene Jones"

This was a pretty obscure contest. I do like the slow reveal sometimes.  These image of the cat stealing the baby's breath is wonderfully macabre. To use it as a way to make mom read an advertisement - priceless. If you have time to read it, well, you are more patient and curious that I am. If you don't have time, just skip to my comments below.
I'm sure it was no joy to live in a house full of Kerosene lanterns, but.....Acetylene!? Really? It might have seemed a bright idea, or cutting edge technology...at the time. Though cheaper and safer, I am only familiar with the acetylene that is used as a torch to cut steel.  Like any article/ad it tries its best to appeal to our fact-loving nature, but fails in the end when it pitches the reader to send for more info to.......Acetylene Jones!

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