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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Victorian -era fun - Savin Rock amuesment park

From the Savin Rock Museum website:
" (Over) One hundred years ago, Victorian families flocked to West Haven's shoreline to picnic, stroll along the four mile coastline, dine in the pier restaurants and especially, to enjoy an amusement park then called White City. Future generations arrived in electric trolley cars, automobiles and buses. Regardless of the mode of transportation, the trip to what eventually expanded to become the Savin Rock Amusement Park was a memorable one, indeed! "

When I find multiple post cards from a specific locale in a specific era I often want to learn more about it. This was a very elaborate park for the time which lasted from the late 19th century to well into the the 20th.  It was completely demolished in the 1960's thanks to urban renewal.
 I know these parks don't age well, but if I can ever get that time machine working, this would definitely be one of my stops.

1 comment:

  1. Man, I hate it when they destroy things like this claiming it's "renewel." No, it's tearing down of a piece of history.


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