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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Connecticut Post Cards as Historical Records

I don't collect post cards but I sure do like to look at them. The ones I find the most interesting are the images of scenic vistas and buildings in and around the town where I live. Although these are sometimes depictions of these locations and structures, and not the "real" thing they are still the only image I have ever seen of that structure or place. So, though distorted sometimes I still think they are very important and worth collecting (by someone else). Here are some examples:
I know very little about Bridgeport, but does this geographic location even exist anymore? The card was mailed in 1911, so the beach may be there but those cabins must have been cleared a couple of times by the major hurricanes that have visited the CT coast.

 I had no idea this existed, and I am sure it was torn down long ago and replaced the modern medical facilities there today. 

 I question the motives of anyone who sends stops in a drug store wheels through the rack of cards and stops on this lovely image of the Litchfield County Jail. No mention in the note like "Hah Ha Wish you were here!" Nope.

The housatonic is an underrated river, though I don't know if there is a river rating system, but old or new I have never seen a bad picture of it. I don't know when in Kent this was taken.

This old High School building still exists as a permanent part of Western Ct State University's mid town campus. A sturdy structure with a very nice restored auditorium in the center of it. 

A special shout out to my friend Justin Krul and his family for loaning this collection to me. If you are interested in any of these cards drop me a line and I will share your information with him.

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