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Monday, May 21, 2012

Can you pass the Mental Nuts test?

Advertising, 1906, early CT
This little book measuring 5" x 3" was appealing to me both for the graphics and the title itself. I thought it might have been a psychiatrist' manual for the quick diagnosis for the insane. But, then I thought that was crazy. This is actually a neat little promotional item from 1906 created for watch dealers to personalize and hand out to customers. 
A neat little advertising remnant from a long-gone watch dealer ,etc. in Meriden Connecticut. I don't know what these were supposed to accomplish for the store owner because this is full of tough problems. 
Click for readable size
I would really like to try and figure some of these out, and I have tried, but after several minutes I start to look at my Waltham watch and realize, "I am late for something..."  If anyone tries to guess even one of these first three, place your guess in the comments and I will provide the answer key. Have at it!


  1. Well, Greg, for problem number one, if you simply "arrange" the number six clown so that he is upside down, the number 931 is divisible by 7, 133 times.

  2. great post! I love old promotional items.


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