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Monday, December 24, 2012

Is it too late to send these Xmas Cards?

There has got to be someplace I can search to find the age of these cards. I found them in a box lot at a Norwalk sale over the summer.  They are unique and colored a certain way that indicates their age. Just what age that is, I don't know.

 This next one falls into my favorite catagory: Coincidence.  Remeber this was a random box of papers I bought for $10 in the very last minutes of this sale. I had no time to review the contents. So, when I started looking inside, I thought I had some random cards.
I never expected to see my own last name listed on the card (No my name ain't Jenkins). Apparently, there is or was a large pocket of my kin folk who travelled up the Hudson River and settled outside of Albany and the surrounding area. Enough so that several landmarks are named for them. Wished I knew a few...

Hey! What the card said. I want to thank you for visiting and spending time with my finds. Happy Christmas!

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