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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Forgotten LPs From the 70's

For today, Superbowl Sunday, I have found a piece of LP and comedy history, history in the way something happened in the past, not history in the way something is historic.  But it was Superbowl related, so I thought..what the heck. Why not?
And the reverse...
Patchett and Tarses were a comedy team but very little information exists about them other than some lines in IMDB.com. Tarses is billed as a comedy writer, producer, actor. His name is attached to the producing credits of The Bob Newhart Show and others. He and Patchett performed on the Joey Bishop Show in the 1960's. I can't find any information on this album other than about 10 copies for sale on Amazon.com from different sellers.  Would like to see a clip of these guys...anyone have a link?

Imus was a little more known, mainly as a respite for me from my years at high school. WNBC provided a home for morning show and the foolishness over-flowed to an album or 2. I love this album just because Jack Davis (of MAD Magazine fame) did the artwork. 

Finding this in the basement collection of an Estate Sale recently I had to snap an image to share. 

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