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Saturday, March 2, 2013

70mpg Breakthrough!!! But you'll never see the kids again.

Of all the little border ads I've ever seen in in back pages of major (and minor) magazines - this ad has to be one of my favorites.
It's an Eshelman! Soon everyone will be driving an Eshelman. Eshelman will be a household name, or at least a garage-hold name. This is a gem from 1954 Collier's and there are a few questions I have to ask. 1) Was there really a problem with kiddie cars being gas guzzlers? and 2) Exactly how many gallons of gas does this car's tank hold, and 3) Where the heck do these kids plan to go? and finally, I just notice the best claim made by this ad:
 Wha....? Well with offices in Maryland, Chicago and LA they really must be going places, well at least 70 miles from here.

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