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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Subliminal Advertising - Can you find the drunken Yeti?

When this topic has been discussed before, I have to admit, I always feel left out. Before you say "Awwww!" Let me explain. I took plenty of marketing classes in college and remember the controversy over the use of suggestive imagery and/or text, (Enjoy Coke) or (go buy a dumpster full of popcorn). Ad agencies have always created ads that would elicit a certain emotional response from the correct demographic, intended to lead to a sale of course. However, from the looks of many ads (since the dawn of time) most of us look at these and say "I don't even know what they are selling." or, "What the hell is that?" Maybe they are looking for the watercooler factor, or maybe zapping the right neuron will sear their product indelibly on your psyche. Here is an ad from a 1967 Life magazine. See if you can find the implanted imagery I think I see.
Seems pretty obvious, doesn't it? If you do not see it, maybe this is the UFO factor at work here. Meaning: We see something we're not sure of and then doubt or deny we've seen it because we either don't understand it, or are concerned that anyone else we show it to will dismiss it or just not see it. We are then left with a dilemma unresolved but imprinted and still there a week later on the mind. Here take a closer look:
Subliminal message
  Do you see it now? Well, here is the question of the day....What is it? What do you see staring back at you? Leave your guess in the comments. Me? I'm going out for a bottle of Johnnie Walker Yeti.

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  1. Introduced my grade 7s to the wonders of subliminals in print, film and paper money only a fortnight ago.


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