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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Subliminal Ads #2 - See what's in it for you.

I have become fascinated with these ads. When I find one, it only makes me want to find another and try to see something intentional (or unintentional) in each. Take a look below:
Did you see what's in it for you?  I almost don't want to reveal it just to have you guess what you see and place it in the comments. Later, we could compare notes and I would bet that no 2 people would see the exact same thing. Here take a closer look and tell me what you see.
Did you see it? Did you see the lady in the glass? Now, look real close she right there!!! Actually, this is an ad for electrosol detergent. Here is the real reveal from my perspective as to what I see.

I always want to drink more when I see a lady kissing a monkey.............

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