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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Endangered Christmas Seals?

Milk bottle, Sample collar, 1941, Borden's
Around 1907, A small Delaware sanatorium was in danger of closing from lack of funds until the cousin of one of the doctors offered to try a form of fundraising that was being conducted in Denmark. Emily Bissell designed and sold the first Christmas seal stamps at a local post office for a penny each. 
Advertising collars, 1940's, milk bottle distributing

I discovered these paper “collars” which were sent from the National Tuberculosis Foundation to a likely milk delivery company in 1951. By showing samples of the previous 6 years of these ads the hope was that they would place them on all their bottles for delivery. 

Milk Man, Old image, BW photography
A visit to the American Lung Association reveals that Christmas Seals are all sold out for this year. Though it is late in the season, it seems like adding this Seal to the endangered list is a good thing. 
Christmas Seals, 2013
Next year's seals are already available, I hope they become endangered too.

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