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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where's the Flying Car I Was Promised!?

Okay, so there has been some progress, such as talking cars and talking phones, but I was hoping for something more. 
What was I expecting? The show that promised this future was a cartoon. George Jetson worked for a Sprocket manufacturer? The competition was a Cog manufacturer? George pressed a button all day...well, they got that part right. But, it wasn't the future I was hoping for. 

Don't take my rant too seriously; anyway, the good news: The future isn't here yet. 
I found this record at a recent sale and since both album cover art and the show are becoming a distant memory, I had to drop a dollar and buy it. I have nothing to play it on I would have to go right to cut # 5.

It's hard to believe that this episode "A Date with Jet Screamer" (1962) predated my birth as well as the British invasion. The question I have is who were the producers spoofing with Howard Morris as "Jet Screamer?"  Kudos if you can provide the answer in the comments. 

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