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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Naughty but Nice Album Covers

Every weekend there is a treasure-trove (what is a trove?) of eye candy for those willing to look. I don't buy everything I see, but I do try to grab still images when I can. These were shot at a Norwalk, CT estate sale. The above album could have been called "Music for Swingers" but I guess they thought this was better. 
I can't see how these made the music more sale-able. Would someone buy the album for the image alone? Or was this the image that should be going through your head while playing the album - instead of an image of Arthur Fiedler? What was Orthophonic? Was the idea to listen through your mouth?
I'm not sure what is pictured here, but it looks like Hell. I noticed something in the first album cover, and no, it's not that the publisher put the "bum" in album. It is the sticker on the side. 
For whose protection and from what?

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