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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Your Papers Please! (Part 3)

If your going to go looking for old papers, let me give you some advice: You're going to find some. These family papers (Someone else', not mine) are beauties. 2 groups one from 1903 the other 1929.
These paper came from the same family whose scrap book I uncovered in the basement of an antique shop. I wrote about some of the items I found in this post here.
There is more genuine amazement that these documents which clearly reflect the journey of not one, but 2 relatives from Italy to America.
The image above looks to be a birth certificate for someone who was born in 1845 but traveling in 1927. I could be wrong, can you translate it?
A really nice selection of important documents which provide a look at the ordeal immigrants needed to endure to enter the country. 
  If you know anything about these documents or the family of the people that should be holding them (not me) - please add something to the comments or email me directly.

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  1. These papers look like an Italian passport. I have done extensive research into my family's ancestors and I have seen passports just like this. Do a google translate search for some of the words and you will see what they say. The writing is often difficult to read since not only it is in another language, but the European script is not often seen. Once you learn to decipher the writing, it will be clearer to you. Good luck!


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