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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Your Papers Please! Now Go Vote!

I'm not going to guilt anyone into voting, though instead of all the attack ads I wonder if a campaign manager ever thought, "Instead of inciting people to vote, how about we make them feel bad if they don't?"

Let me try.  Imagine you are living in a country with poor conditions, oppression, and zero democracy, though sometimes you may think I am talking about the U.S., take yourself back 125 years (imagine).

After scraping up enough money, you decide to travel to a place that will accept anyone: America. Poked and prodded and probably oppressed yet again to some degree, you are given the greatest gift in your life - permission to start over in a new place and a government document that says you can do that. Wow!

Without over-dramatisizing the moment I would like to believe I can guess what the recipient was thinking when he was finally handed this piece of paper.
(Thanks to my friend, Justin Krul of "Just In Antiques and More" for loaning me this document)

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