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Friday, July 17, 2015

Magic Show Revealed 1919

Back in my early days, when ever I saw some other "older" kids toys at a tag sale I would always see the AC Gilbert Erector Set. It seemed too complicated and, because it included a real electric motor, too dangerous, which of course made it "too cool." I bought at least one set when I was 13.
I didn't know Gilbert also made a magic set.
Most kids at one age or another are natural performers and this set not only feeds into that but actually shows you how...

I have never seen a magic set that actually took you through the steps and even how to recover from your mistakes - see above.

As you can see the young person that owned this set took the script serious enough to examine and edit those sections he didn't want to include in the act. When he was done and had sufficiently practiced - it was time to type up programs...

This was a full show and given that the boy was probably in his young teens, I would have to guess that he grew up to be the next Houdini - or maybe...
He was!

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