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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Mystery of The Mystery Crater

Summer isn't over and I am going to prove it with a recently acquired batch of tourist memorabilia. This one from the 1950's came to the top
 I once drove through here with my parents in search of our ancestors. That we never stopped here might not surprise anyone because of the other geographic wonder that hogged the signage along the road. Look at the top of the map and you will see "The Tidal Bore." To a 14 year old neither of these would have grabbed me. On closer inspection I wish the mystery crater had.
There wasn't hole lot to see as we headed toward Nova Scotia but there was this, a gentle tourist trap that was a good place to have a few laughs, enjoy the modern drive-in snack bar and use the facilities. I almost forgot - the French were also welcome.
What attracted many to this location was the mysterious effects that occurred around the crater. The owners had built a gravitation house, where one might sit in the "Chair from which you can not get up!" or watch as water rolls up hill. There were several of these "houses" around the country after one became a popular site in the 1930's. The secret being that the house built on a 25 degree angle and if you photographed someone correcting the slant by tilting the camera - they would appear to be leaning at an impossible angle without falling. Nervous? A friendly guide will hold your hand...

The Mystery Crater lasted for about 30 years before being sold to a fish farm in the 1980's. The couple who owned it moved away and passed away not long after selling. Though it and the gravity house are all but gone, it can still be visited with the new owners permission if you are into "geo-caching" (finding treasure hidden by GPS enthusiasts) it is a fun hobby and a great way to explore your state or country.

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