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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Eisenhower On The Road And I Still Found Something Cool!

I’ll admit that if you go to any kind of sale (garage, moving, tag, estate) and stay long enough, you will find something interesting. The question for me becomes: How Interesting?

I travelled an hour to Darien, CT this past Saturday, which is very close to my limit of “how far is too far?” The decision this time was based on the description: Over 60 years of Accumulation -All must go!!! It seemed as though the whole house would be available for picking. When I arrived it was almost that, however, while the garage showed promise, the house was primarily a showroom full of upscale small furniture and accessories. 

Near the place where you would pay for your pickings was the display of Inauguration items above. I immediately thought they would be priced high base don the attention to display. 

Actually, No. I need only ask and it was revealed that they had little interest in any of the items which included the original ticket, invitation, and program to the inaugural ball. But wait! There's more!

The full program to the inauguration was also there along with the envelope. I had asked for the price on this first, and when told it was a dollar, I grabbed the other items for a grand total of 5 dollars.  Nice pick! please enjoy these other images from inside the program.

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