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Monday, January 4, 2016

Cleveland... Born Great

Some eminent Geologist proclaimed long ago that Cleveland was "Born Great." Well, that may have been true if the city had anything to do with the printing of these familiar picture packs of the 1940's.
  The color and graphics are beautiful. These were common and if you were traveling the country to places you had never seen before - you might grab one of these in the train station - scribble a few words and send it back home.  
Cleveland, 1943
We get it, you're in Cleveland. How about a nice long letter?
Nope, Instead you got the full story of Cleveland and more attribution to some eminent geologist, "Born Great." Yeah, I bet you say that to every city.   How about that personal letter?
Cleveland, 1943
There was actually no room to write anything except a few quick words. Nice pictures of pictures... no photos though.

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