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Monday, February 1, 2016

Hidden for 45 years - Vintage toys uncovered (video)

The winters seem warmer these days. Cold winters used to cause hibernation among the potential for sales. When no snow expected more people take a chance that they can clear out their unwanted items.  Though several sales were listed this weekend, it was still anyone's guess as to which one may have a story for me to find.

A random ad led to a river road in Southbury CT on a Sunday where I made a desperate attempt to find something other than the leftovers from a thousand other pickers.
What I did find at first was a fairly quiet sale with a nice couple managing it to clear out what had been their parent's home. With permission, I prefer to look in places that are not so obvious.
Full of old records this closet looked to be worth investigating. By taking my time I can take in the space as though it were a puzzle. Where would I tuck something away if I lived here? 
This darker shelf was obscured by a fallen piece of burlap and above eye-level. Pulling it away and using the light on my phone and I realized I had found something others had missed. I immediately left to get the homeowner - it had been her parents home - to show her what I found.  
She was amazed that they had missed this shelf and that no one else had been able to find it in the past 2 days.  The items belonged to her brother who was now living in California and she expected he would be amazed to have them.
 This was a full slot car racing set from 1963. Take a look at the video I produced while at the sale. This was great fun and I am very appreciative to this nice couple for letting me dig through their house.

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