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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This Post Rules!

On my weekend travels in to the basements and attics of America, I don't always need to leave with a pile of stuff. Sure, I'd like to, but I really enjoy the social aspect as well. Just 3 sales this past Sunday but at each I found both tangible and intangible treasures. My acquaintances, whether they be estate sale service owners or other pickers, are a source of enjoyment no matter what's for sale.

3 sales and this was one of only 3 small things I picked up. A Stanely ruler that looked vintage to me, and I was right. If you research the #34 1/4 V you might find that it was made in 1935 and is maple. One site even valued it at $80.  I'll never sell it, because it is too easy to store and has too much personality.

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