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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Short Beer Anyone?

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May all your problems with alcohol be ones that are very very small. Please enjoy this short beer while you view my blog.
Adolph Coors family name was originally spelled Kuhrs and immigrated from Prussia in the 19th century. He settled in Denver and found a partner with some financing and the company was born. Coors bought out the partner and the brewer grew from there.

 At one point the company had a malted milk processing plant and a porcelain business as a revenue stream during Prohibition. These were never huge money makers, but I wonder if this unmarked mini-mug came from the factory.

After going through mergers and partnerships- Molson In 2005, and SABMiller In 2008 - the brand among others from the company still pumps out 20 million barrels a day.

Remember to raise your glass of either beer or malted milk, no matter how tiny, on April 7th - the anniversary of the repeal of the Volstead act ending Prohibition.

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