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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

1787 Massachusetts Land Agreement - Estate Sale Pick - Almost.

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It takes great will and fortitude to pass up documents like this one from 1787. The sale offering this document is to be held Friday and Saturday by my friend Justin, of Just-in Antiques at the Brickhouse. His store is on Route 7 but the sale is located on Connelly Rd also in New Milford if you’re in the area.
One thing I wanted to point out - It was a small challenge to read this piece of family history.  The language of the time is less direct or as precise as it is today (lol!) The more interesting details is that among the signatures several, though neatly penned, have an "x" in what appears to be a middle initial. However, underneath these is the word "marked" meaning that someone signed for them and they confirmed the acknowledgment with the "x." It is possible that they were either too enfeebled to sign or illiterate.
This is the kind of purchase that, although destructive, would be fun to remove from the frame to see what is on the reverse side.

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