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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Matchbook Monday - The Motion Picture.

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Matchbook Monday! To boldly dig....  I grew up watching Star Trek in syndication - it was all we had. Lost in Space was too hokey for me. The British imports “UFO” and “Space 1999” had their place (God Bless the Andersons), but Star Trek was special. It reminds me of Saturday late afternoons that seemed to last forever and eventually melt into a delicious fog of Chinese take out odors wafting through the kitchen.

The movie was a big deal, but Star Wars was tough to follow and this movie seemed like a poor effort with little action and cheap special effects. Still, it made 3 times its budget at the box office. I am never disappointed when I see a collection of matchbooks at a sale. I know there will always be at least one stand out. Even if the movie wasn’t great, it launched a series of enjoyable films and refreshed careers that deserved a second chance.

Smoking, even in 1979, seems highly illogical.

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