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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Easy Pickings

I am on a kind of tear with books lately.  They always interest me for what they contain - on the pages, and between the pages.  If you happen to be looking at books somewhere (other than a library, or Borders) make sure you check the first few pages.  Not only to  check the year and whether you are holding a first edition, but to also look for an inscription, either to a past owner from a past gift giver, or better yet, the author.

"Easy Pickings" was a pulpy sort of novel from the early 30's. An autobiography of sorts relating the gritty life of the author.
As you may be familiar with my blog, I like to take the items that I have found and try to discover more of the story behind it (or them). I was rather fortunate to come across a very interesting site called "The Unsung Joe - Where bit part actors go when they die".  Everything you's guys would like to know about Al Hill can be read rather clearly (with pictures) if you click here. (a shout out to Diarmid for creating that blog and permitting me to link to it)

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