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Sunday, April 11, 2010

*Nerd Alert!

This is the kind of thing that pocket protectors were made for!

I have always had a weakness for reference material. Maybe I felt like my brain was never going to hold all the things I wanted to know. I guess I thought, "better buy a book with a load of reference material in some useful discipline so I can find what I need."  Over the years I have occasionally been obsessed by science publishers who could pack the facts, back to back, in as small a place as possible.  When I came across this, I felt it was the epitome of crib notes for science, or in my own words: my Nerdvana. Take a look at the kit:
It even comes in its own pocket protector. "So, Greg." you say "What's the big deal? Circular slide rules really float your boat?"  Well, no.  It's what's inside that counts.
To give you an idea of the size (if you can't see the 4" ruler in the first image in the first image) I guess nerds don't need more than four inches of anything. Here is my lame attempt at a size comparison:
So, a circular slide rule on one side and the entire Periodic table of elements doesn't impress you? No? Look at the secret inside:

Another 2 sided 4" x 3" sheet with even more nerd notes:
Gas constant values, Chemical and Physical data, and the Greek alphabet? Here is a closer view of this beautifully designed set of nerd notes.
I know the close up is a little soft, but that is merely to express the condition of ones eyes after a brief viewing of the information contained within.  You sayin' you slept through that Analytic Geometry class during AP math in high school? No problem, just refer to the instruction booklet that will tell you how to figure it all out.
This was a dollar at an estate sale some years ago. It was printed and sold in 1966 and I found it after that and before Google knew the answer to everything. Like books in print, I still feel more secure holding this information than trusting it to the "cloud".  If I wanted to put together a survival kit, just in case Hollywood is right and the world ends tomorrow (save for a few of us), I would definitely want to have this on hand (with the manual).

*Note:  No Nerds were harmed or injured in the creation of this blog post.  All writing was monitored by the A.S.P.C.N.  (American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Nerds).


  1. Nerd??

    Heeeeeeey, I resemble that remark.

  2. Long ago I learned to love my inner nerd. It is not an insult when one nerd refers to his "kind" as nerds. It is merely recognition of brotherhood...sisterhood....actually, Nerdhood.


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