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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Honey!? Who took a wizzz in my orange juice?

It may be dangerous to go tag sale'ing because I am only going to find things so nostalgic to me, that I am left with no option but to buy them.  I always liked orange juice and there was something about this can that made it more appealing than any other...
I did have this as a kid and I cherished it for the few minutes of my attention that anything would hold at that age. There was no better marketing ploy that to sell fake products that looked like the real thing to the 8-12 year old set. Even better, sell the fake product disguised as a cool toy.
Ah yes. the Wizzzer! Take a toy from 100 or more years ago (the Top), merge it with a set of self-lubricating bearings and add a gyroscope and you have this thing that makes a cool "wizzzzing!" sound. It was almost as if it was going to take off. The manufacturer's goal may have been to take a bite out of the market share that the Yo-Yo was enjoying around the same time in the 70's. The ironic twist (or should I say "spin?") to this saga is that Duncan eventually bought the Wizzzer name and began distributing even stranger versions of it. Most of the people who remember the Wizzzer also seem to remember it ending up in getting stuck in their hair or an unlucky sibling's hair.  But wait there's more!  It also did tricks!
It was difficult to get it to do all those amazing stunts like on the commercial without  an armful of steroids. Any surface with a finish that you remotely cared about  (zero as a 10 year-old) was forever scuffed. Don't let mom see! A masterful step was this faux product packaging phase. I could only find the commercial before that made this move.

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