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Monday, August 30, 2010

UFO Sighting!! (Utterly Fantastic Object d'art)

I found these sculptures while perusing one of my favorite sites Boing Boing. You can read what I read and then go visit the designer's site. I have known several folks who were true believers when it came to aliens. I am hopeful that we will make contact someday, however, I think aliens have been here long ago, some stayed and some left. We were (and still are) as alien to them as they were to us and may still be nearby trying to figure out how to say, "Hi."  Much in the  same way you might approach a Bee's nest...um..maybe later.
For now enjoy the sense of humor and detail in these designs and take a look at Close Encounter Studios  located in Mahopac, NY.  The owner is a guy who found himself in need of work and took the advice of his father to begin creating these as a possible line of gifts for the conspiracy theorist in all of us.
Roger Phillips is building a business from the ground up (or from the cosmos in, as it were) and I was so moved by the site and the creations that I quickly sketched an idea for a possible future sculpture. Roger liked it and may soon placed it on his site as an example of suggestions and interest he hopes to generate. Click the link above or the one on my "Sites worth visiting" to the right. Fill out the form on the contact page and he'll send you a free postcard depicting one of the 3 designs above.

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