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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Bright Idea from Schlitz

There are 2 questions I am often asked:
  1. Why do you buy this stuff?
  2. Why do you keep it?

Does every question have to have an answer?  I found this back when I used to collect Brewerina, which really is somewhere near the beginning.  If it had a beer brand on it, I bought it (being a little strapped for cash as a young person - I couldn't buy it all). If it was a beer sign with a mechanical motion to it..I bought it, even if it didn't work (My father and I once spent several hours and trips to a hardware store trying to restore a large "Falstaff Ale" sign in which a back lit piece of celluloid rotated an image of each of the 4 seasons). I can still remember the rhythmic hum of the motor that cranked those same four scenes over and over again. A tip of the bottle  (not the hat) goes to George of Beer Cans R Us, who let me use the coaster for this post. Take a look at his collection, all of which is for sale here. But I digress, the bottle above, as you may notice, is not an ordinary bottle.

Just like the Coke from the previous post, this beer "bottle" is also not a bottle at all. Just add a couple of "D" cell batteries, twist the top, and you are left with the lightest of beers.  Just when I thought it couldn't get any lighter than this, I started looking through my archives and I saw the light:
The answer to the questions above: Why Not?
Coming next time:  The Flux Capacitor!

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