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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I want my degree...in Gadget-ology

These are the dark days of digging.  There are sales out there, but few and far between some of the largest snow piles I've seen.  Blind spots aplenty! This may be a weekend to reflect on some of the things I have stashed away, waiting for the right time to bring them out. Swear I'm not a hoarder...swear.  I don't always have to find something "old," I, like AVA, sometimes just want to find things with buttons!
Buttons and an LCD read out. This was a New Milford garage sale, which resembled a Lowe/Depot. I mean no offense to my current neighbors, but this was the guy to live next door to when you want to start a project. Every tool from A to Z. I bought "A" (pictured above) Can you guess what it is? There was something from every aisle, neatly hung, or stored, and all for sale.  I have all the tools I need right now, but nothing to compare with this place.  One of the people running the sale actually pointed this out to me before I had said, "um buttons?"  Here is a close up for another hint:
If you didn't already know what it was, this isn't much of a hint.  I found a few other things and managed to negotiate $10 for the lot.  This gadget was new in the box and I could tell it was something more than a cheap tech item from the Lillian Vernon catalog.  O.K. this image will give it away:

Of course! It's an AH-4223! Anyone could have seen that. Actually, it's printed at the top, but the factory saran wrap is still stuck protecting the keypad (No, I can't remove it!). It is called a Mini "pen" Vane Anemometer.  It can quickly measure wind velocity, temperature, and humidity, and it was a steal. Just go here to see that it is $115 without the case (which I got).  But wait! There's more: 
It took even longer to figure out what this was, but I literally bought it because I didn't know what it was, and as I mentioned, was part of the lot that included the anemometer. I discovered that this is a TDS meter for testing water.  By dipping the tip into any water sample a number is displayed in the window, which measures the Total Dissolved Solids.  Want to know if you have "hard" water, or un-potable water (I don't), with this you can.  

This site tells me everything I ever wanted to know about my TDS and how it works.  Well, that's enough schooling for now, I'm off to buy batteries for the TDS and start measuring the world around me. I'll report back later with the current conditions....please don't kill the messenger...Spring is right around the corner. 

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  1. I live in a part of your world, come on over and play! We have a stream fed pond to measure too...


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