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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can't tell her how you feel?...Sing a campy song!

If you read any of my other posts, and I hope you have, you know that there is no limit to the things I will pick up.  Sheet music has never appealed to me. The artwork might, the age might, the other things that are sometimes tucked in amongst the sheets of music might....otherwise, no.  This one caught my eye, and although I have looked around the internet I can find no back-story, no good liner notes...nuthin'.  I hope you've enjoyed today's interlude, and now here's a tune I think you'll really dig.
1921 by Cliff Friend. Clearly Cliff has unsatisfied desires and has come to the end of his celibate rope and now must sing out his frustration. Hope it worked for you Cliff. Here's  a coupla sheets to prove the camp. I think the funny part is how they got the name wrong from the cover to the first sheet. 


  1. Exactly a half-century later, David Gates & Bread: "Baby Ima Want You, Baby Ima Need You".

  2. Just found you on boing boing and definitely have sheet music by the horny Friend. I'll look for it. Love the blog.


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