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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dig Report: Find a box of junk and you might pin down a Republican

Progeny and I didn't have a lot of time on Saturday. As much as I might like to hit every sale, I can't and often don't. I don't have a wall map with a sea of push pins, nor do I make good use of the Yard sale finder -which has now moved to the left side border in my new design. To plan the attack, I will glance through whatever list of sales I can find looking for either estate sales or sales that have key words that I latch on to.

This past Saturday after finally mowing an over-grown lawn that 7 days of rain kept me from doing, we headed out to a sale that boasted drafting tables. The is one of my key words. Someone who owns drafting tables is either an artist or an engineer/architect. Unless they painted clowns on black velvet, or built trailer parks, they are gong to be selling some precision instruments. Hopefully, drawing implements. Pens and pencils, if they are good, will last forever. As someone who likes to draw, finding something different and unique, or antique, can inspire or at least hope to quell a case of artist's cramp.

The sale was in Ridgefield, CT in a fairly modern house that looked as though it was built with good intentions and then never completely finished. These houses always raise more questions then they answer: What happened to the owners? What did they do? Why didn't they finished this house? What happened in 2006 when all the calendars and magazines seem to freeze in time? I often question what I am doing in the middle of a stranger's house...but then I remember - that is the eternal question. There is a reason for everything, it's up to you if you want to spend the time to find out. When I found nothing like I had hoped, I ended up standing and scanning over a box of junk in the garage.
"You can have it." The nice lady from "Recycle Again" estate sale service said to me. Now, anyone could look at this and see junk; I see a dig in a box. I had asked about writing implements, but one glance and I knew that this would be all there was for pens or pencils if there was any at all. Well there were some writing implements:
There were about thirty of these lead refill packs, all anyone could ever want. Too many of them were red and a few were green. Naive as it sounds, I've never seen red and green leads for a mechanical pencil...until now. What a sheltered life I've lead. (pun intended). Although the digging was the prize in itself, there was one interesting thing I found aside from the random bits of hardware, bolts, screws, keys to nowhere, all inside way too many General Foods International Coffee cans.

I know I've posted other campaign and Party items, usually from just one party. If you think I am leaning in favor of that party, all I can say is: Don't pin it on me! Didn't the Dems ever even make stuff to hand out? Either someone is hoarding ,or I'm not looking hard enough. One final note, as the card says "Your leadership is building a better America..." - When are they going to finish building this place?


  1. Look at all those great General Foods International coffee tins! I've got some lead like that from back when I took drafting in high school. All black though.


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