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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ad Quiz #7: Answered!...It's Cherub Chow!

Actually, it's Post Toasties. Well, for treasure hunting this weekend it was bottom of the ninth, 2 outs, and no one on - Sunday afternoon.  Even though I had enjoyed another 3-day weekend starting with a Friday off to hit some potential "digs," I was only able to come up with a few items - random items - items that, to some, might smell of desperation, not perspiration. Friday's take was 500 sheets of heavy red line stationary, and a pair of new computer speakers, Cost $5.  Why all the paper? I'm a doodler - A good fine point pen, or a sharp Sharpie and some decent paper and I'm off. The computer speakers will complete a new computer upgrade at work.
Again, This is NOT a self-portrait
Saturday didn't add anything more to the pot. I took a chance on some estate sales in lower Fairfield county, and learned all to well, that the richer the area, the earlier you need to be. Not my style, I can't bring myself to be part of the rush. I need and want time to concentrate, inspect, search. I don't want the low hanging fruit, I want the thing that's been hanging there for a hundred years and no one will climb the dead branches to haul it in. Looking for that last sale of the day karma (there is such a thing.) I bought a wireless webcam for $5, whose resurrection will be an interesting project.  

Sunday, I decided to head to the flea market to see a fellow digger and his son. Ame and I checked out as many booths as possible, but because we choose to go late in the morning, by the time we are half-way through, many of the dealers have begun to pack up.  Our saving grace was the last vendor with reams of old paper.  I managed to grab a couple of Leslie magazines, which I consider to be the combination of Life/Time of the early 20th century.  The ad was what drew me to it. For something printed in 1913, I am amazed how the color and the kid still seem to leap off the page.  There are other ads, none as colorful, that I will be featuring in upcoming posts. Maybe I should replace his face with mine - That looks like me headed to another dig.

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