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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ad Quiz #12 SOLUTION -The benefits of yeast are rising

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Although not as widely advertised as it once was, yeast, which is a fungi (it's Alive!) can be considered a pro-biotic, replacing the "good" bacteria that gets the work of digestion done in the intestines. The advertised yeast is not the same, but it is edible in this form. I wouldn't be caught gobbling spoonfuls, but vegans might enjoy a deactivated form of this in certain foods. At the printing of this ad Fleischmann's had been packaging and selling yeast for around 50 years. This seems to be around the time that other food manufacturers were going beyond the taste, simplicity, or value of their product and trying to bank on the medicinal value as well. I don't think they were entirely successful with this approach, I don't see anything in the company's history espousing the benefits of direct ingestion. Tastes fine in bread, though.

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